5 Photos A Good Wedding Photographer capture.

Over the years we have heard of many people who have discounted the need for a wedding day photo album. Yes, you might not look at it every day but when you do, it tells you so much more than words can. Here are some reasons why your wedding photo album has more meaning than you think; remember, its purpose is not to have as many photos in it as possible but to have enough photos that matter. 

Having said that, you might see why we continuously emphasise the importance of a good wedding photographer. Not every photographer can capture emotions and that, to us, is the fundamental purpose of wedding day photography.

These photos will remind you how grateful he is for you when doubts hit you years down the road. Remember how he looked at you when you walked down the aisle that day; that is true love. When you are weary and tired, remember the laughter and secrets that you used to share. Remember the things that you used to do together.

Perhaps the most precious reason of all: Asian parents are not very good at expressing themselves, but photos have shown us again and again that many of them simply cannot contain their love and tears on their children’s wedding day. Don’t miss this and forget how much they love you in their quiet ways, and remember that no matter what happens, they will always be there for you.

You may be moving on to a new stage of your life, but don’t forget your girls who were there for you throughout your single years or when you were going through breakups. Don’t stop going out with your friends after you’ve wed regardless of how busy each of you are; men find women who still have friends and a social life more attractive. Remember the faces of your friends and all those present on your wedding day; all of them have contributed to who you are today, especially your mentor if you have one, and those who have guided you along the way. Continue to keep those people in your life.

As much as they annoy you sometimes, look how angelic and lovely the little children are. Kids remind us of how much we have all grown up. They remind us of the innocence of childhood and how simple things used to make us happy. They will also give you courage as you enter a new phase of life and look forward to starting your own family.

Whether it’s coffee, dogs or other things that matter to you, if it’s part of the theme for your wedding day, that means it was important enough for you to include it. These are the things that will bring back sweet memories and make you smile, while your venue could be a reminder of the beauty of creation and the endless destinations you have yet to explore. Don’t forget to continue to conquer new ground as a couple.

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