7 Signs Your Vendor May Close Down

The list below will help you on how to choose your wedding vendors . The truth is there are true and false wedding vendors . Some will bring you joy after the wedding and some will make you cry before and on the wedding day. Before you regret later please take time to read and avoid regrets by applying these points on your wedding planning.

1. Keep changing appointments

If your vendor keeps postponing your scheduled appointment (not once but three, four times or more) then it means he may be facing some issues at work. The vendor may be trying to avoid some customers or other business acquaintances due to money issues.

Or the vendor may not be able to deliver services or complete your promised product in time. It may also be that the vendor is just disorganized but that in itself is a cause for worry.

What to do:
Don't wait for another appointment after the second appointment is postponed. If all you get are more excuses, then claim back your deposit and search for a more reliable vendor

2. Avoiding calls
This is probably one of the most obvious sign that someone is trying to avoid you, and that something is wrong. For a business that is all about making their customers happy, no vendor should be avoiding your call (or text messages) unless you are flooding them with unnecessary calls and messages all day.

Even if the vendor is busy and unable to take your call at the moment, they should respond via text that they will return the call ASAP. Business dealings have to professional and polite, and I don't think any bride would feel secure dealing with unresponsive or unpleasant vendors.

What to do:

Same as point 1

3. Keeps changing confirmed details
If your vendor keeps changing the photographer, makeup artist or even the chosen gown for your wedding, then it's not only unprofessional, it may also be a sign that they partners they are working with have dropped them, or that they are unable to deliver what was promised.

There should be no reason why you have to accept something, or someone, that is not agreed upon when you sign the contract. It's fine if the vendor offers you an upgrade, but not when they offer you something that is sub-standard or below your expectations.

What to do:
For any unacceptable changes, always ask for an upgrade. If they are not willing to provide it, insist on what you agreed upon as per your contract. Exceptions to be made when there are really valid reasons eg. The makeup artist you wanted is hospitalized and can't make it for your wedding day.

4. Shop is closed
The most obvious sign of all - unless the vendor has informed you beforehand that they are away on a business trip or holiday. There really is no way to anticipate a shop closure as it can happen very suddenly without notice.

What to do:
After you sign your package, make an effort to visit or walk by the vendors office/ premises/ salon/ boutique once a while before your scheduled appointment. Go at off- peak hours and peak hours to see if the shop is still in operation. If the salon is closed most of the time without a valid reason, then is a sign that things may not be right. Make an effort to claim back your deposit and find another salon.

5. Bad feedback
Do your due diligence and do some research on the vendors of your choice. Don't just view the comments on their Facebook page which are probably edited, but also check out other forums and ask people who may have booked packages from there.

If a vendor has bad reviews all round, then stay clear from them even if they have the best wedding packages. Businesses that have terrible reviews and feedback will most likely not be popular with couples.

What to do:
If you're at a bridal event and have to confirm the package there and then to enjoy the perks and discounts, take some time to go online and do a quick check on your vendor; a simple search of 15 minutes can help you decide if the vendor is reliable or not

6. Unreasonably cheap packages
If a vendor offers you a package that is up to 50-70% cheaper than other vendors in the same price category, there should be a catch. Even if the vendor's sales pitch or explanations for the cheap pricing is convincing, you need to be careful of what to expect: you pay cheap, expect cheap.

And if a bridal vendor is doing well, they won't be discounting prices so heavily; a viable business would offer additional perks and benefits with their reasonable discounts instead of cutting their prices so much.

What to do:
If the prices are really a steal, ask if you can choose some of the items in the package that are not your priority (e.g. car decor and bouquets) instead of the whole package that includes gowns, photography and floral decor.

The money your save on these non-priority items can go to your priority items (like the gown and photography) with another more reliable vendor. If not, stay clear and find another salon.
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