Memories Motion: Wedding Videos

Anyone going through the stressful business of wedding planning knows that this is an exceedingly expensive as well as time-consuming venture; there are few endeavours in life that match it. It makes sense, then, to look for cost and corners to cut wherever possible, and often times a wedding videographer is one of the casualties. 

You might be wondering what the need for a both a wedding photographer and videographer is, but they perform quite separate and important functions.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of having a videographer at your wedding.
Capture the Details
While you may spend many, many hours planning your wedding the truth is that the day itself will fly by much faster than you could have anticipated, and you’ll find that you didn’t get to stop to appreciate all those little details you were so keen on.

Having a wedding video as well as photographs lets you go back and see them all once more once the hype of the day has died down. A video captures people’s mood, voices, expressions, and mannerisms in a candid way that photos never will, and better yet you may capture people who were only in one or two (or no) photographs, which is just priceless!

Live streaming
If you get a really up-to-date company, you might be able to live stream the ceremony for absent loved ones who were too far away to attend.

Relive Your Ceremony and Revisit Your Cherished Memories
An obvious benefit of wedding videos is the ability to go back and rewatch the ceremony and reception at your leisure in years to come with your spouse and family. This is something that many couples turn into an anniversary tradition, or that they share with children who were not yet born (or too young to remember) the ceremony.

It’s not just the ceremony, either; a videographer will be able to catch the moments before and after the wedding as well as your reception. As you get older and people move away, the ability to see these moment of unity becomes more and more important. It’s not just a record, it’s a portal back to those happy moments. And if you’re spending so much money on just one day, surely you want to have a lasting memory of it?

Why go for a professional?
So. you’re convinced about getting a wedding video, but why pay for a professional you ask? Why not just get Uncle John or Auntie Janet to do it for you? Well, you could if you have a video camera, but there are a few benefits to “go for a professional”. 

First of all most professionals will come with their own equipment, and it’s likely to be top-of-the-line, secondly, they’re less likely to get distracted by the festivities as they are not personally involved. Finally, a professional will be able to edit the final product and even give you dvds to distribute amongst your family.

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