Why a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Is So Important

What is a pre-wedding photo shoot? You have most likely worked it out. A pre-wedding shoot is when the soon to be newlyweds head out with their photographer to a location of their choice to capture some romantic images talk about the wedding day.

Why is a pre-wedding shoot such a good idea?

Firstly it helps me (the photographer) really get to know the couple that have entrusted me to capture their day.

Having been given this big responsibility I feel I owe it to my couples to do everything I can to ensure that on the day I am not adding to their anxiety, so the best way to help them relax is by showing them exactly what to expect before the big day and this is where the pre-wedding photo shoot really proves to be so valuable.

It also gives me a little insight as to how a couple will react in front of the camera, are they shy, do they feel uncomfortable when put in an intimate situation etc.

These are all things that I like to find out before the wedding day; giving me the opportunity beforehand to figure out what techniques will work best for each particular couple.

I constantly hear brides say “I hate having my picture taken” or “I’m not very photogenic.” Some brides may even be worried about how a certain skin condition or facial scar may turn out in the photos and a pre-wedding photo shoot gives me the chance before hand to take any misconceptions they may have about themselves and put their mind at ease by presenting them with a set of stunning photographs.
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