Why Pre Wedding Photography Is So Important?

More and more couples are investing in pre-wedding photography shoots. Pre-wedding shoots may be a relatively new trend but they come with various benefits, and can ensure that your final wedding photographs are of the highest possible standard.

Pre-wedding shoots with Life Moments Photography usually take place a month or two before the ceremony itself, and are a fantastic opportunity for a couple to bond with a photographer and vice versa. This helps us to decide upon a suitable shooting style and to become familiar with the couple long before the big day arrives.

If you’re not confident in front of a lens, or feel that you’re “not photogenic”, chances are that you’ve simply had too many unflattering amateur images taken of yourself in the past.

At Life Moments Photography, we work with people from all walks of life and you can expect us to put you fully at ease to get the best results. This means that by the time the wedding comes around you’ll be only to keen to get in front of the camera.

It’s inevitable that for every great photograph that is taken, several inferior images may be captured. As highly reputable wedding photographers, we are incredibly creative and focussed on capturing emotion, passion and intimacy. 

By working closely with an award-winning photography service like ours and building a great rapport, the likelihood of magical and natural images being captured becomes greater and greater, even if the couple feels strange in front of the camera at first.

This approach leads to the relaxed spontaneity behind photographs you’ll cherish forever.

 A pre-wedding shoot is often purchased as part of a full wedding photography package, or can instead be bought as an extra. The shoot can be a great rehearsal for the ceremony, helping both halves of a couple to get used to being in front of a professional camera.

Our wedding shoots run a whole lot smoother when the couple feel comfortable with the photographer. Breaking the ice weeks or months before the wedding with your chosen photographer can be indispensable. 

A pre-wedding shoot can nurture rapport whilst allowing all concerned to get an insight into what works and what to avoid. The more relaxed you are front of the camera, the better the results of the wedding photography will be. You can also use the pre-wedding session to discuss and experiment with any special ideas that you may have in mind.

One of the other benefits to a pre-wedding shoot is that you’ll be able to acquire professional shots of yourself in a natural outdoor environment if you wish. In day-to-day life, people rarely have professional photographs taken of themselves but we can capture excellent snapshots of you both in normal situations, simply being yourselves.

Some couples do choose to have their pre-wedding photographs taken at their wedding venue, whilst others decide to opt for an entirely different location.

It’s easy to see how pre-wedding shots can be seen as cherish able portraits in their own right, capturing couples at an extremely exciting time in their lives as the big day gets closer and closer. 

What’s more is that when a pre-wedding session goes well, you can stop worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right photographer.

During a pre-wedding shoot, we have the chance to find out a lot of useful information. We can identify the most flattering angles to use, which lighting techniques will be the most efficient and they’ll get to know you.

This gives us more material to work with and helps us to approach the wedding day itself with a wealth of ideas.

Some people choose to enlist the services of others who will be working with them on their wedding day. For instance, many women choose to get their hair styled or make-up applied in the same way as it will be when the time arrives. 

This approach gives you a chance to take a look at what will and won’t look great on camera. People who feel uptight about the way they look or certain features they dislike can relax in the knowledge that the best photographers have a wealth of flattering techniques up their sleeves.

Height differences, double chins and the like can easily be smoothed out when the skills of a wedding photographer are utilised. 

There are many ways that you can make use of the images from your pre-wedding session. Some couples opt to have the images printed and put on display at their wedding, whilst others may upload them onto their social media accounts to show to their friends and family. You may even decide to keep them as private visual documents.

Another benefit to the pre-wedding session with Life Moment is that it enables couples to focus on enjoying their big day once it arrives. If we have a robust plan of action, we don’t need to drag you away from their friends and family time and time again to prepare for photographs to be taken.

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