Should You Rent or Buy Wedding Decor?

If you’re currently planning a wedding then I’m sure you’ve wondered if you should rent or buy wedding decor. I think that’s a great question and something I debated when I was planning my own wedding.

Photo and Decor by Life Moments

Advantages of renting Vs buying wedding decor

Seriously, think of all the time & energy you’ll save by using a rental company ( Like Endless Treasures) who has a large showroom of inventory to choose from. Versus all the hours and miles it’ll take to visit antique markets and craft shops to find all the right pieces.

One of the reasons I love working with the gals at Endless Treasures is all the valuable input they give on styling & selecting decorations. I know this is true because of the weddings I’ve photographed that they’ve styled along with the style shoots where they’ve helped bring my vision to life.

The next benefit you get when you rent wedding decor instead of buying them is that you will not waste anything. There are many cases where wedding decorations have been thrown away after the wedding has ended.

Maybe you would want to keep some wedding decor but most of it will go to waste after the celebration is over. However, with renting wedding decorations, you can just return them when you are finished with it and the next happy couple can have those decorations in their wedding. 

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