Wedding Videography VS Photography : The Epic Battle

The Debate:
This is the problem that almost every bride faces: Should I book a Videographer, Photographer, or Both? We understand that it can be a difficult decision especially when trying to stay within your budget. So here are a few things to consider:


Do I really need both?
You have to ask yourself what really matters to you and that is 100% based on personal preference. Do you want to have amazing photos that you can put into frames or albums? Or do you want to make it a tradition to watch your wedding video every year on your anniversary?

It used to be that photography was the way to go since old school wedding videos were lengthy and boring because they were limited to a camera on a tripod. Not to mention that the quality of actual the film left much to be desired.

With huge advances in video formats over the years, creative people like us have been able to create awesome videos. So now wedding videos are actually fun to watch! And this trend is leading couples to invest more money into videography and less in photography.
It's an Investment

The problem that most people are running into when only purchasing photography is that they aren’t able to remember all of the nuances of what their wedding day was really like. And when you put it into perspective, only video can capture the actions and sounds of that day. 

How much did you spend on a dress to wear it for a single day? How much did you spend on flowers for one day? How much did you spend on food that only lasts a few hours? How much did you spend on a week long honeymoon? How much are you willing to spend on media that last a lifetime?

Without quality photo and video all those expendable items from your wedding are guaranteed to be lost forever. Photo and video are what helps preserve them in your memories. It’s our belief that it should be a priority to include quality media into your budget.

Photos are irreplaceable in a wedding. What else are you going to hang on the wall of your new home? But if you really want to capture the emotions and feelings of you special day, You must choose videography. 

A photo alone can not capture a speech or interactions with family and friends. But together it creates magic!

3 Reasons we believe every couple should have a wedding film

1. For your memories
365 days of planning. 1 action-packed day to enjoy. See and hear it all again with film.

2. For past Generations
Your loved ones won’t be around forever. Film is a great way to see them at their best and make their memory last longer than a lifetime.

3. For future Generations
Imagine watching your parents get married at your age and hearing your grandparents toast to new love. That’s how your children will feel when they experience the day you said “I do” through film.

A wedding film is a family heirloom capturing the true essence of the union of two families. When you think about it, is there a more priceless investment? Secure Your Wedding Date Today.


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