Why Wedding Videography is Expensive. The Truth No-one Tells You

Videography has quickly become a staple in documenting a wedding along with photography. But many couples who consider having a video of their wedding still find the cost quite expensive for something that seem rather simple to them. 

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The truth is, wedding videography is not simple. It’s not just your uncle’s recording your wedding in a camcorder; it’s a complex process that needs to have good investment in order to produce quality output.

When you understand what wedding videography really is from your photographer or videographer’s perspective, you will appreciate the value of your money. And then it wouldn’t be expensive for you anymore, but just reasonably priced.

1. Creativity, Skills and Talent
Equipment may be the most obvious reason for the high cost of videography. However, more importantly, it is really the creativity, skill, and talent of the videographer that must be given high regard. These are the essential aspects that go into producing your wedding video.

Keep in mind that when you hire a professional videographer who has a good work experience and has a number of credible recommendations, a significant portion of the price tag goes to his professionalism and talent. 

These are indispensable investments for an excellent wedding video. After all, what can top of the line equipment do for you when your videographer has no vision and the capacity to produce that vision?

2. Labor
Producing your wedding video doesn’t begin and end on the actual day. Just as in any video production there’s pre- and post-prod work that need to be done to achieve quality output.

Part of pre-prod is your initial engagement with your videographer where you discuss your wedding and how you want your video to be. It is basically doing the necessary research needed to prepare the content and look of the video.

Post-prod, on the other hand, is the editing work that enhances and weaves the raw footages with music and other effects into the excellent video that your videographer ultimately presents to you. On average, a videographer will spend 14 days to work on your video.

So while you may only see your videographer on your initial meeting and the day of the wedding, he will actually be working for you for about two weeks. Your videographer might even need to hire added personnel to assist in shooting your wedding or to assist in the post-prod process.

3. Equipment
As you have probably already know, the state-of-the-art equipment that the videographer has invested on is, of course, part of his fee. You are also paying for the kind of camera, lighting, tripod, and other necessary gears that will be used to shoot your wedding video.

Understand that these gears can cost thousands of dollars. Technology is a primary investment in this business and it is needed to improve the quality of the product. And for your security, you want a videographer whose equipment is insured. Insurance is another needed expense to make sure that only your videographer’s top-of-the-line equipment is used on your wedding day.

4. Editing software
Another important investment for the job is the editing software. Just because you can’t see this, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. Professional videography needs the latest editing software that does more than just cutting video clips and splicing them together; it can also add and adjust sound, create stunning effects, heathen pictures quality and much more.

An entire editing suite can also cost thousands of dollars that includes premium editing software and a Mac for example or the latest computer and monitor. All these contribute greatly to the actual output of your wedding video.

5. Advertising
A videographer who invests in quality advertising is more reliable than one who just waits for clients to call. When a videographer, or any wedding vendor for that matter, advertises their services, it means that he has faith in his work.

The advertisements don’t even have to be in an expensive medium like TV as long as it has good quality. Videographers can post their ads in blogs or websites or even via social networking sites such as Twitter, or Facebook.

Any of these promotional means require creativity and hard work for consistent presence and visibility to clients and to address inquiries. So look into the advertising channel or method that your videographer uses to help justify the costs. If there weren’t any advertising, you probably wouldn’t be able to contact him or at least consider him for the job in the first place.

6. Music Licenses
Another form of security that you want for the production company you’re hiring is one that purchases music licenses. A company that illegally uses songs in their wedding videos can get into the trouble with the law.

You want to make sure that the songs used in your own video are not only those that you like but that they have been legally acquired. You can look into the cost of licenses so you can better gage the rate your videographer is charging. Or better yet ask him if the songs are licensed to be used in your video.

These are the investments you’re paying for in a professionally produced wedding video. You should be talk to your videographer about these so that you feel secure about what you’re spending for. 

You can also request for a breakdown of the charge rate so that you know how much goes to what. When you begin to understand what is going to be used for your wedding video, you get an assurance of the value of your every dime.

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