What The Wedding Ring Really Mean?

I wore that ring with pride. I was taken and I wanted everyone to know it! The ring was to show that I was no longer single and that I was absolutely in love. I have worn this ring every single day for the past six years and have learned a lot about what the wedding ring, REALLY means. It isn’t just to show off and tell the other men and women to stay away. The wedding ring is actually for ME. It is for YOU. It is for the person that WEARS it.


So, what does the wedding ring REALLY mean?

If you take a look at your ring, it is a perfect circle. I have heard that is a symbol of never-ending love. There is no ending to the love you share with your partner. You promise when you get married that you will love the other person FOREVER.

You wear your wedding ring on the third finger, in belief that the vein there runs directly into your heart. The ring is worn there at all times, so your spouse is always close to your beating heart.

Like I said, I always thought the ring was to show other people that we are married. But it is actually for YOU… the person that is wearing it. A very wise man, in fact, the man who performed our wedding ceremony said, “These rings you put on each other’s fingers today are for you.

Every time you are alone or with other people, you can look down and see your ring. It is a token of love, commitment and promises. When you look at it, you should remember this day and how you feel. You are promising to love and support each other for eternity.”

If you are married or engaged – look down at your ring. What does it represent to you? After being married several years and having children running around the house, often times our marriages seem to be put to the side and other things become more important.

Sometimes it is a job or a hobby, sometimes it is the children or other people’s needs. But take a look at your ring and remember what it means.

Marriage matters. It matters before babies. It matters after babies. It is SO important. It isn’t easy and there are hard times heading you way – but always remember who gave you that ring and why you are wearing it – it is definitely something special.

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