Disappointed Newly Weds Over-Exposed And Badly Framed Photographs After 'Booking The Wrong Photographer.

EXCLUSIVE: Newlyweds devastated after 'bankrupt studio' BOTCHED their wedding pictures are gifted a re-shoot by generous photographer... and the results are MUCH better- Three couples have had the chance to have their wedding photos re-done after originals upset them
- The Victorian couples all used the same company which recently made headlines and went bankrupt
- Photographers re-shot the couples in their wedding outfits over the weekend

Disappointed newlyweds left with out of focus, over-exposed and badly framed photographs after 'booking the wrong person for their big day' have had the opportunity to re-shoot the magical moments from their special occasion – for free.

Three Victorian couples who booked with Bokeh photography, which is now bankrupt after a string of complaints, were left with photos they could not enjoy.

When veteran wedding photographer heard the company had left so many couples disappointed, she wanted to help and offered a free shoot to the upset couples.

'I had to do a wedding workshop over the weekend and initially I was just looking for a couple to help out – but when I heard about how disappointed some people had been left by this particular company I reached out,' Ms Griffiths said.

'It was amazing to see how happy and excited the couples were – with one telling me the first time she hadn't enjoyed her shoot at all.'

Ms Griffiths joined forces with fellow wedding photographer Beth Fernley to give each couple 20 amazing photographs which they had missed out on after their own weddings.

'The couples had to drive quite long distances to get to us but they were excited to get dressed up and were gushing the whole time.'

The shoot went for just one hour – with the photographers fitting each couple in to the short space of time while teaching a class at the same time.

Jodie Nash was one of the brides who took part in the re-shoot alongside her husband Luke.

'To be honest when I got those first photographs I burst into tears,' Mrs Nash said.

'But Kym sent me three of the photographs from the weekend and I was in tears again but for a whole different reason.'

The teary bride said she was 'anxious' before the second shoot after her first photographs were 'at a bad angle and too small to print out'.

Mrs Nash told Daily Mail Australia she was 'over the moon' after the experience and had loved putting her dress back on. 'Now I have something I can print off and be proud of,' she said.

The bride said she had paid $800 for her original photographs – after the agency slashed the price by half.

But when 'a mechanic who was more interest in the cars than the bridal party' showed up she began to feel nervous.

'We had done our research and looked at a lot of different photographers and these guys had great reviews,' she said.

But the photos didn't come back how she had hoped.

'I complained and they told me I couldn't control environment or the weather,' she said.

'I was in an open park I couldn't understand how that would affect the angle so badly.'

Mrs Griffiths, who has been working as a wedding photographer for 12 years, shared her tips to making sure the right person is hired for the job with Daily Mail Australia.

'Anyone can write a testimonial so I recommend getting word of mouth.

'Ask people who they went with and if they would recommend them.

'Also ask if they are accredited with the AIPP – at least that way if something does go wrong you have an avenue to go down,' she said.

The photographer admitted quality wedding snappers could be found outside of the AIPP.

Her colleague Mrs Fernley who has been in the business for five years is not with the AIPP – although is an accredited Moment Design Teacher, one of only three in Australia.

But if a photographer isn't accredited that's where 'word of mouth' comes in.

'She has been able to work up a good following and has proven herself,' Mrs Griffiths said.

The photographer said she had been 'saddened' when hearing the news not only because brides and grooms had been left disappointed but because of the impact it could have on her colleagues.

'I don't want people thinking this is what all wedding photographers are like,' she said.

The other two couples, Megan and Scott Laidlaw and Ankie and Stephen Morris were also thrilled with their new photos according to Mrs Griffiths.

While their original photographs were 'slightly better' than the Nash's they were still 'not up to scratch'.

The stunning photographs taken over the weekend are a stark contrast to the shots they received. One of the couples had a graphic designer turn up to their shoot and the other had a sports photographer.

Mrs Griffiths said the project couldn't have been completed without the 'amazing team' which included makeup artists who donated their time.


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