Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer? 5 Reasons to Consider

Capturing your special day by booking a wedding videographer may seem like a no-brainer. However, when it comes to hiring one in addition to a wedding photographer, brides tend to be on different sides of the decision.


On one side a videographer can feel like just one more expense to an already costly day. After all, you have already done so much work to find a photographer you love and may wonder if it is really necessary to have video capture the moment too.

On the other hand, a videographer may capture moments in a way that cannot be done in images alone.

When I ask brides about what they wish they would have done differently when planning their wedding, I find that hiring a wedding videographer is on the top of the list.

I like to suggest to brides that if you get a videographer, you may not watch it as often as you look at the photos, but if you don’t get one you may always have that nagging regret after the wedding. 

There are many other reasons why a bride should consider hiring a videographer in addition to a photographer too.

Let’s go over the top 5 reasons to capture video on your wedding day.

1. The Queen of the Day

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your entire life. It is one of the few days where you get to be the focus and are surrounded by all the family and friends who love you.

It is a day where you have worked hard to create an atmosphere that is reflective of you, your spouse, and your life together.

Video can capture your memories of this day in a way pictures and your memory just are not able to achieve.

Your walk down the isle comes to life with video as it captures each one of your steps along with all the smiles and tears of joy from family and friends.

A beautiful photo of you and your spouse exchanging vows may be stunning, but a video where you can hear those vows being exchanged can be absolutely magical!

Video makes your first dance a lasting memory with the captured sound, movement, and atmosphere not possible with an image alone. This is your day to shine, and you don’t want to miss the feeling of the day that can only be captured with wedding videography.

2. Capturing the Moments
Your day will fly by in a blur with all the excellent wedding planning you’ve done. You try to be as present as you can and enjoy each moment as you are living it, but it is impossible to remember all the details or be a part of every special moment at the wedding.

A video empowers you to remember parts of your wedding that you can watch and cherish for years to come. A wedding photographer is a must at any wedding, but also consider that a picture can never capture the special moments with the same emotion a video can create.

The moment you are turning around in the mirror to see yourself as a bride for the first time, the minute that your mother lovingly places your veil, or the expression your groom has when he sees you walking down the isle towards him.

If your bridesmaid makes a funny speech a photo will only capture your friends and family laughing, but a video will capture the speech and the moment that made everyone crack up!

3. Through Your Loved Ones Eyes
During your day, all eyes are on you, but you may not get the experience to see all the details in the way your guests can see them. A video of your wedding gives you the chance to see your big day through the eyes of your family and friends. 

With video you can see from their perspective how amazing you looked on the dance floor, dress flowing, while in your husband’s arms. Watch through their eyes as you cut your gorgeous wedding cake and try to dodge your husband smudging a little on your face!

4. Family Memories
Some day you may end up having a family together. Imagine a cozy night with your kids on the couch. All of you cuddled up with popcorn to watch your wedding video. Your kids get excited about seeing how in love their mom and dad are in the video. They giggle over how much styles have changed since you two tied the knot.

Hiring a wedding videographer gives your children the ability to share in your wedding day and embrace the feeling of your joyous event. Another reason to capture video is because you will be surrounded by people you love.

Some of these guests may be elderly. Sadly, they won’t be around forever. Having a video memory of them sharing your day with you gives you an opportunity to see their personality, and involvement in your wedding along with the ability to hear them enjoying your wedding.

5. Well Wishes
A trend I have noticed in wedding videography are packages that include guest “well wishes”. While not typically done with video, it certainly is a fun way to do this!

A videographer can setup a booth where guests can leave you a short video to add to your wedding video. This is such a wonderful gift for you and your spouse for years to come. 

This video captures the emotion of the moment, the intonation of your guests voice, the non-verbal body movements.

A videographer may seem like just another wedding expense prior to the wedding, but for the many years to come after the wedding a video can capture moments in a way a photographer alone cannot.

A video brings special moments to life. So although photos are more shareable, and easy to hang on a wall to look at every day, a video is a special treat that encapsulates your day.

Therefore, it’s better to have video on your wedding day and only watch it on occasion than it is to live with the regret of not having it.

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