10 Tips For Beautiful Wedding Decor

Selecting beautiful wedding decorations is a top priority for most brides. Here are 10 tips to help you pick the best looks for your wedding ceremony and reception.

1.Use the color palette
 Think in terms of a color palette rather than just on or two colors. By adding different shades of your main color, or even coordinating colors to your main color, you will add richness and depth to your overall look.

2. Use different textures.
Linens, chair covers and sashes come in so many different types of fabrics. It adds style if everything doesn’t match exactly. Don’t be afraid to mix different fabrics together.

10 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Decor
3. Change the shapes of your tables. 
Use some square and some round, or some high and some low. Most wedding guests are accustomed to walking into a room with all round tables surrounding the dance floor. Simply changing the floor plan doesn’t cost anything, but it will make the room look different and interesting.

4. Lighting
The use of light has become almost as common as flowers at a wedding reception. Adding color to the room through lighting can set various moods in the room. Perhaps during dinner you can use a beautiful, warm, amber wash in the room. It makes everything look romantic and skin tones look great. Throughout the evening, when the dancing kicks in, use purples, pinks, blues and reds to create a party atmosphere.

5.Ditch the flowers
If you are trying to save money, use items other than flowers. I’ve seen beautiful centerpieces done with glass vases and water with a single flower floating in it. If you are having a brunch, you can decorate with fruits and vegetables. Some simple votive candles add sparkle and romance to the room.

6. Take advantage of your surroundings. 
It is much more affordable to have your reception in a garden rather than transforming a ballroom into a garden with decor. Keep that in mind when looking for your reception site.

7.Go big at important points
If you are trying to watch your pennies, rather than paying for huge centerpieces for each table, concentrate on one really great arrangement at the entrance or in the center or corners of the room.

8. Start planning early
 Start planning your wedding decorations before you plan the food or send invitations. Everything visible at your wedding can be considered part of your decor. The way food is presented, whether its artistically plated or creatively displayed on food stations, should carry through your overall look. Typically presentation doesn’t cost more, so it is a great way to get the look at no cost.

9. Don’t forget your cake is a decor item as well.
 Display it prominently in the room. Try different colors and textures on the cake. Decorate with fresh flowers, or if you have more money to spend, fill the cake with sugar flowers. Elevating the cake table is another great way to add dimension to the room.

10. Lastly, don’t be afraid to express yourself.
 Cut out photos from magazines, not just wedding magazines. Look at home decor and architectural magazines. You may find some really creative ways to make a dramatic statement for your wedding.
Sourced From Perfect Wedding Guide
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