Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer

I recently had a lovely discussion with an engaged couple that asked me this very interesting question: Why is hiring a professional photographer so important as opposed to having my friend taking photos of our wedding day?

Their question has really got me thinking so I have decided to write this post to help and explain the best I can the importance of hiring professional wedding photography services.

I know that taking photographs seems to be very easy and having a professional wedding photographer very expensive! So why??? Because taking amazing photographs of such important day is not really as easy as it seems…

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you need a good photographer who can document it all and not miss the small details. A professional wedding photographer uses high quality equipment, their experience and talent to capture the special atmosphere of your Big Day.

You can be sure that I come to your wedding to take beautiful photographs, I won’t be distracted by chatting guests and I won’t feel awkward standing in the middle of the church taking photos of you. 

I know how to work with tricky lighting and I know how to pose you to make you look so beautiful backlit by the sunshine. I know my camera very well and I work in manual mode, which means I get the shots that I want to get. Every time.

If you though decide to have one of your guests as your wedding photographer, sure they can prepare technically, but they will never have the experience of capturing your photographs to make a story of your day. 

And this is what I particularly like to do, capturing moments, colours, details, and emotions. That’s what the purpose of the wedding photographs is, isn’t it? They are meant to say a story, capture the beginnings of your new life and moments of the day so every time you look at your photos, they will become alive in front of your eyes.

You must trust the photographer that you hire as you do invest a lot of money in them. I always dress appropriately and I look like I’m having fun while I work very hard. And that’s why you hire me, right? And it is worth every penny.

Some shots like the first dance or cutting of the cake are usually planned, but most of them you can’t see before the moments unfold in front of you. 

To be able to capture the atmosphere of wedding celebrations with your friends and family you have to be very quick, look for those moments and even predict them sometimes. And only a professional photographer can do this.

One more thing to add when you think you’re spending a small fortune on capturing your day. Running a business is not easy, neither it is cheap. A professional photographer has invested a lot of money in their equipment, pays insurance and taxes. 

They have to maintain their equipment, business set up, website. Not to mention the hundreds of pounds spent on cameras, lenses, flashguns, tripods, Photoshop, batteries, memory cards and many more.

How do I work? (Or how do I like to think all of us wedding photographers work…)
I will look at every corner and I am not afraid of any locations. I always give myself plenty of time to arrive to the wedding so there are no unpleasant surprises (traffic jams etc.). I don’t interrupt so the just married couple and the guests can feel relaxed and enjoy the day. 

I work calmly (or try to look that way anyway), I am discreet, and I have experience working with raw emotions… I don’t run in the church, I don’t look into the guests’ plates while they’re eating and I don’t direct how the story unfolds – this day belongs to the Bride and Groom, not me! Yet I have my eyes open at all times and I don’t want to miss anything. Ever!

So this is it for now. I have put these words together to all future brides and grooms that are thinking of having Uncle John to photograph their wedding. While Uncle John is a great guy and a friend of a family, I’m sure he would much rather enjoy your wedding day celebrating your love, like the rest of the guests.

Thank you for reading and I wish you have a lovely day!

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