How To Keep Your Man Happy While Wedding Planning

Sadly, Grooms-seem to be the ones that all of the neglect fall on during the wedding planning month. 

So what is a bride to do when it comes to making her man feels important and loved? Here are a few suggestions that will keep the love alive during those long, lonely times for your other half.

Make REGULAR Time for Each Other

It seems too easy but it is one of those things that make perfect sense. Regular time together doing the things you did when you were dating, such as going to ball games, bowling, seeing movies, all remind you both of why you fell in love. These little things can make a huge difference and really do not take much time or effort – well worth it!
How To Keep Your Man Happy While Wedding Planning
Involve Him

I know, this could be like pulling teeth. But if you find things he actually LIKES to do, this could end up being a game changer. Get your man excited about doing “unique” tasks like selecting and sampling grooms cakes, cigar station prospects and bands. If you don’t trust him, send his most trusted friend along for the ride. Then, you can go back over his selections just to be on the safe side!

Do Things He Likes to Do

So you despise eating at his favorite wing place and you do NOT want to go fishing, but by doing these things, you are not only letting your spouse know that you are open to trying new things, but you are also reassuring him about the decision he made to marry you. If you each give 100%, you will both always be happy! Try to outdo each other and set the bar before the vows are exchanged!

Take a “Wedding Week” Off

Yep, just leave! Get out of town! When you disconnect from the place that you are constantly worrying about wedding details and simply drive away for a short period of time, you can clear your mind. Stepping back and reconnecting with the reason you are doing everything for will reset your focus.

Get Inspired!

Hopefully your man is still in “impress” mode and the suggestion of taking a class together will elicit a “yeah! Let’s try that!” response. My husband and I took a cake decorating class and then a dancing class together. He, being a manly man, was reluctant but actually enjoyed himself. 

Learning something new together puts you both on equal ground and requires that you lean on each other for support and help. This, is what marriage is all about and is invaluable to your relationship – something you can use both before and long after marriage! How To Keep Your Man Happy While Wedding Planning
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