How To Look Natural In Your Wedding Video

It’s normal to feel nervous and restless on your wedding day–it happens to everyone. Some brides end up having a forced smile to cover up the nerves or the groom becomes a little fidgety while waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. Here are a few tips to appear more relaxed in front of the lens.

1. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s your day. Think happy thoughts and don’t forget to smile. Share your happiness with your loved ones and the people around you.

2. For the bride, makeup looks best if it’s not too heavy. It should simply enhance and showcase your natural beauty. Don’t forget to have your makeup trial to see which look suits you best. SB Beauty did Cleo’s gorgeous natural look in the film below.

3. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Your wedding dress should not only be elegant but it should be comfortable enough and allow you to move around since this will greatly affect your movement in front of the camera.

4. A first look is a great idea if you’re both feeling nervous about the big day. Seeing each other beforehand will help you calm your nerves and allow you to appear more relaxed once the actual ceremony starts.

5. Make sure you maintain good posture. This will help you look confident in the film. Just be careful that you’re not too stiff!

6. Stop looking FOR the camera and stop looking AT the camera, let it find you. It will help you loosen up if you act as if no one is shooting your wedding video.

NST Pictures’ cinematographers are really good at blending into the background so it shouldn’t be hard to forget they’re there. Just be yourself.

7. Trust your wedding videographer–you hired them for a reason. Let them do their job while you do yours and that is to enjoy and have the time of your life! Just let go, have fun and show the world how in love you are.

It’s not that hard right? Just follow these tips and you will have a great love story recorded on your big day.

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