Wedding Photography Checklist

Hiring a professional wedding photographer will ensure that you’ll get polished photographs on your big day. To get the styling and details you desire, there are certain questions you’ll want to ask a wedding photographer before hiring them. Once you have found the perfect match, there are still some key things you should consider when planning your wedding photos.

Between traditional wedding photographs and candid moments, there are some shots you won’t want your wedding photographer to miss. Make a point to sit down with your photographer and highlight which shots mean the most to you so, you don’t miss out on any moment of your big day.

The best way to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page is to provide him or her with a suggested shot list. With our step-by-step tips and detailed wedding photography checklist, you can feel confident in trusting that your photographer won’t miss out on preserving the magic of this moment.

Use the steps below to help personalize your wedding photography checklist and make sure you get all the shots:

1. Decide on the important must-have wedding moments that the both of you want your photographer to capture.
Think about first look photos, the reception entrance, the father daughter dance and so on. Consider that each shot takes around 4-5 seconds and that your photographer might not be able to capture everything on camera. There will be certain moments you’ll want your photographer to document more than others.

2. Take into consideration your wedding theme. 
Whether your big day is more modern or filled with rustic touches, this will be reflected in the moments your photographer documents. 

Your theme will impact the mood of your wedding photos and may even set the tone for the types of shots your photographer will capture. Make it clear that you want your photos to reflect the theme you worked so hard for your big day to portray.

3. Think about the subjects of your wedding photos. 
Of course, the bride and groom will be the focal point of the shots, but photographs of your great-grandmother on the dance floor and tears falling from your fathers face are some that deserve to stand the test of time

4. Consider how you will use your wedding photos. 
Keep in mind that your wedding photos will likely be shared with many of your loved ones and treasured for years to come. Your photographer will be quick to capture all of these moments and you will have plenty of photos to create your own wedding photo book.

Use your wedding photos in your thank you cards or to make your own wedding photo album whatever the case may be, these images will help you celebrate the start of together time and time again.

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