Successful Modelling Goes Beyond Good Looks - Strike A Pose with Blaq Studios

Modelling Industry Association Zimbabwe (Miaz) and Size 4 Modelling Agency founder, Wilbert Rukato has cautioned models that there are no shortcuts in the industry if they are to make it big on the ramp.

Rukato told NewsDay Weekender that it took hard work and professionalism to make it in the glitz and glamour industry.

“Good looks are a poor shortcut to being a top model, as nothing beats proper planning, preparation and hard work,” he said.

“A real model invests in adequate preparations, as there are no profits in failure to adequately devote time for planning and doing things in a proper way.”
Tania Tatenda Aaron Poses For A Photoshoot with Blaq Studios In A Beautiful SkyBlue Dress
Tania Tatenda Aaron Poses For A Photoshoot with Blaq Studios In A Beautiful SkyBlue Dress

Rukato said modelling is a billion-dollar industry, not a hobby or playground and neither a hunting ground for sexual predators.

“Modelling is rich and rewarding, but all that comes with commitment and good attitude,” he said.

Rukato said models need to be professionals and must not do jobs outside their modelling agencies.

“When a model does a job outside the knowledge of their modelling agency, he or she might be prejudiced when it comes to payments or abused in the process,” he said.

Rukato said models have to value photo shoots, as they are their best advertising tool, and must highlight the model more than the clothing and background.

“Models’ images must be creative yes, sexy yes, but always professional and presentable, but crises are bound to happen when a model does a photo shoot unsanctioned and unguided by their modelling agency, as some photographers will, in many cases, attempt to use the model’s images to promote their own business,” he said.

“While there are some good and professional photographers, there is risk that certain photographers will, in some cases, make moves to get involved personally with the model, as shoots can be intense, personal and really intimate.”

Over the last few years, the modelling industry has been marred by scandals, particularly of models’ nude pictures and leaked sex tapes.

Zimbabwe has had a few modelling success stories on the international scene. Miss World 1994 finalist Angeline Musasiwa came fourth and, in recent years Brita Masalethulini was crowned the inaugural Miss Malaika.

Another successful model, Malaika Mushandu’s nude pictures were circulated on social networks. Malaika was ranked among Zimbabwe’s finest models, having cat-walked her way into the top 10 of Miss World at the peak of her career, winning the admiration of many.

Mushandu told the media that the pictures were part of many that were taken during various photo shoots for her modelling portfolio.
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